My word, Byword

I think Byword might be my favorite text editor of all time.

I have friends that are talking about hacking a Kindle to get that e-ink plus zero notification experience (aka a digital typewriter). I think Byword accomplishes this in its toolbar-less beauty. No Clippy here to ruin your life and dance about. No array of buttons to confuse and tempt one away from the core mission.

And I am learning Markdown for free by using it. I came for the Evernote integration and now I am grumbling about having to write proper HTML for Ruby on Rails at all because I love Markdown so much.

Let me just say also Full Screen mode and Typewriter mode are pretty fun. My monitor for the Main Mean Machine is too big for full screen to fit into my workflow (#humblebrag) (#doucheComments) but Typewriter mode… why didn’t someone think of this sooner. I hate when I am staring at the bottom of a text editor because I was on a roll and filled the page.