And today, finally, at long last, we have entered the Rails phase. I am getting strong feedback and kicking a tiny bit of bum on codewars and am starting to understand the documentation which is honestly a huge part of the struggle with the languages I have learned in the past. If there is one part of the tech world that needs disruption, or perhaps a two tiered approach to ease newbies into things, it is with documentation.

My hat is off to Bloc for taking the time to explain each part of the Ruby on Rails structure. Past classes and books have fallen short, with the approach that you will make a blog and some cool projects and circle back to the how it all works later on. I appreciate that many people want to dive in or need to get their appetite whetted but my feeling has always been that I fire up bash $ rails s and am basically flying a plane because the pilot died. I have no idea what any of these dials are doing, and am going off of a childhood love of ‘Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe’ and some WW1 flying sims to save 250 pepople on this Airbus. Long story short, some of us just need to know everything, and will put in the time to learn it all.

This is really the first time I have felt like I could put my arms around a language and a framework. Swift - still in a larvae stage and with Objective-C looming over it - was intimidating and still morphing into a more final form, which sucked for trying to pick it up and maintain the apps I made. I can’t wait to get back to a Swift practice but it is just so refreshing to see daylight with Ruby and Rails.

Also read today that 25% of the web - by sheer website headcount - is using WordPress. So much happier to hear that than 25% of the web is using a WYSIWYG editor. Or Dreamweaver.