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Crowdfunding site fighting climate change. Rails, Devise, Stripe, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL

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About Me

Russell and Janet Schmidt wedding picture

The Dirt

At left, you can see me with my wife and bulldog children on my wedding day. I am an LA native that lived in the Northeast for a decade before returning to my hometown. Currently we live in downtown LA, which holds the coveted title of "Russell's Favorite Neighborhood".

I work with ClimateCents and Chrysalis which seek to correct a couple of huge challenges: man-made climate change and LA's huge homeless population. I am passionate about both of these vital, solvable but at times overwhelming issues. I also do odd freelance work while chugging through my Bloc mentorship in Software Engineering.

My career has reflected my varied interests in entrepreneurship, technology, and Economics. Privately, I am also interested in history, baseball, science fiction, finishing the piles of books I have bought off Amazon, and noisy music of both rock and hip hop varieties.

Programming Milestones

  • 1986: First computer. Commodore 64.
  • 1988: First language. BASIC at summer camp
  • 1991: First PC. 386 Clone.
  • 1993: First disaster. Screwed up the PICK-based mainframe at dad's work on a sick day.
  • 1995: First email. [email protected] on an ISDN connection.
  • 1996: First HTML. Made joke sites for friends.
  • 1997: First CS class. Learn C, HTML, assembly
  • 1999: First data crunching. STATA for Econometrics.
  • 2001: First time paid to code. VBA for Applications.
  • 2005: First Linux. VoIP, XML application.
  • 2007: First iPhone. Followed quickly by first Mac
  • 2008: First Commercial site. Company site in PHP.
  • 2010: First coding buddy. Being shift to developer in earnest
  • 2012: First Rails app.
  • 2014: First mobile app. ParkingFish, in Swift.
  • 2014: Sold my company to become full time developer
  • 2015: First bootcamp. Bloc - Ruby, JavaScript, Postgres, Angular, HTML/CSS, Rails, Git.

Vital Stats

Number of Working Computers
Number of Broken Computers
Total Home Data Storage Capacity
16 TB
Number of Home Internet Connections
Average Download/Upload Speed (2016)
100Mb / 15Mb
Hours of Spin Per Week
Average Miles Walked Per Week
Average Miles Driven Per Week
Reasons Why I Am Not Losing Weight
Steaks, Martinis, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Boxes of Soylent Consumed Per Month
Blue Apron Meals Consumed Per Month
Average Amazon Orders Per Month
Visits to Iceland
Visits to Mexico
Visits to Asia
Best Computer Game Series